Unleashing the Horror A Guide to Resident Evil on Netflix

Are you a fan of the iconic survival horror franchise, Resident Evil? Have you been eagerly waiting for the next installment to hit the big screen? Well, get ready to experience the terror in a whole new way because Resident Evil is coming to Netflix!

Unleashing the Horror A Guide to Resident Evil on Netflix

In this blog post, we will delve into all the details about the upcoming Resident Evil series on Netflix. From its history on the streaming platform to behind-the-scenes production and potential plot details, we have got you covered. So, grab your weapons and get ready to explore the world of Resident Evil on Netflix.

Resident Evil Netflix: What Fans Can Expect

For those unfamiliar with the Resident Evil franchise, it originated as a video game series in 1996 by Capcom. The game featured a group of special forces agents battling against mutated creatures and zombies created by a bio-weapon called the T-virus. It garnered immense popularity and has since expanded into several sequels, spin-offs, movies, and even comics.

Fans of the franchise were thrilled when Netflix announced that they would be developing a live-action TV series based on the popular video games. With the success of other video-game-to-TV adaptations like The Witcher and Castlevania, expectations are high for the Resident Evil series on Netflix. But what can fans really expect from this highly anticipated adaptation?

Unleashing the Horror A Guide to Resident Evil on Netflix

The History of Resident Evil Netflix

Resident Evil has had a presence on Netflix in the form of animated movies and CGI films since 2008. The first movie, Resident Evil: Degeneration, was released exclusively on the streaming platform and received positive reviews from fans and critics alike. It was followed by two more movies, Resident Evil: Damnation and Resident Evil: Vendetta, both of which also premiered on Netflix.

In 2016, Netflix added the live-action movies, Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse, to its catalogue. However, the fans’ excitement quickly turned into disappointment when they realized that these were not the original movies but the heavily edited TV versions with scenes cut out for time and violence.

With the Resident Evil live-action series coming to Netflix, fans are hoping for a fresh start and a more faithful adaptation of the beloved video games.

Exploring the Cast of the Upcoming Resident Evil Series on Netflix

One of the most exciting aspects of any new series is the cast that brings the characters to life. The Resident Evil series on Netflix has announced some familiar names as well as some new faces in its cast.

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Character Actor
Albert Wesker Lance Reddick
Jade Wesker Ella Balinska
Billie Wesker Tamara Smart
Luther West Siena Agudong
Jason Adeline Rudolph
Chad Kaplan Jacob Scipio
Ozwell E. Spencer Neil McDonough

Lance Reddick, known for his roles in Fringe and John Wick, will be portraying the iconic villain, Albert Wesker. Ella Balinska, who starred in Charlie’s Angels, will be playing Jade Wesker, a brand-new character created specifically for the series. Tamara Smart, most recently seen in the hit film A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, will be taking on the role of Billie Wesker. The rest of the cast features talented actors like Siena Agudong, Adeline Rudolph, Jacob Scipio, and Neil McDonough.

Unleashing the Horror A Guide to Resident Evil on Netflix

While the cast may not include any familiar faces from the video games, it certainly boasts an impressive lineup of actors, leaving fans excited to see how they bring the characters to life.

Behind the Scenes: Production of the Resident Evil Netflix Series

Behind every successful series is a team of talented creators working tirelessly to bring the story to life. For the Resident Evil series on Netflix, this team includes executive producers Andrew Dabb, Mary Leah Sutton, and Constantin Film’s Robert Kulzer and Oliver Berben.

Andrew Dabb, best known for his work on Supernatural, will be taking on the role of showrunner for the series. He has expressed his love for the Resident Evil franchise and promised fans that the series would remain true to the spirit of the games. He also revealed that the series would explore new narratives and characters, giving fans something fresh and exciting to look forward to.

Unleashing the Horror A Guide to Resident Evil on Netflix

Constantin Film, the production company behind the Resident Evil movies, will also be involved in the creation of the series. This is good news for fans as it means the same level of expert storytelling and production quality can be expected from the series.

Breaking Down the Plot of the Resident Evil Netflix Series

While details about the plot of the Resident Evil series are being kept under wraps, there are some hints and speculations that have been circulating among fans.

The Setting

The series is set in the town of Clearfield, Maryland, which is a fictional location created specifically for the show. It is described as a “self-contained world” entirely separate from the rest of the Resident Evil universe. This could mean that the series will not follow any of the events or characters from the video games or movies.

Unleashing the Horror A Guide to Resident Evil on Netflix

The Wesker Kids

One of the most significant changes from the source material is the introduction of the two Wesker children, Jade and Billie. While we do not know much about their roles in the series, it seems they will be the main focus of the story. Andrew Dabb has teased that the series would explore the origin of the Wesker children and how their lives are shaped by their father, the infamous Albert Wesker.

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Unleashing the Horror A Guide to Resident Evil on Netflix

The T-Virus Outbreak

It wouldn’t be Resident Evil without an outbreak of the deadly T-virus. The series’ synopsis reveals that the town of Clearfield is home to a company called Umbrella. Fans of the franchise will recognize this name as the corporation responsible for creating the T-virus and ultimately causing the downfall of humanity. It’s safe to assume that the series will see the outbreak of the virus, leading to chaos and terror.

Comparing the Resident Evil Netflix Series to the Video Games

With the Resident Evil franchise having a loyal fan base and a rich source material, it’s hard not to compare the upcoming series to the video games. However, showrunner Andrew Dabb has made it clear that the series would be taking a different approach to telling the story of Resident Evil.

Unleashing the Horror A Guide to Resident Evil on Netflix

In an interview with IGN, Dabb explained that the series would explore new ideas and narratives while staying true to the essence of the games. He stated, “we’re not starting with absolutely the same DNA as some of the games, I think a lot of people probably expected [that] when the announcement first came out.”

This could mean that the series will deviate from the events and characters established in the video games. But, as fans have seen with other adaptations, sometimes change can be a good thing. So, it’s best to keep an open mind and enjoy the series for what it is.

Similarities to the Video Games

On the other hand, there may still be some elements that will appease fans of the games. For instance, the town of Clearfield being home to Umbrella Corporation is a nod to the game’s original setting in Raccoon City. The inclusion of Albert Wesker, albeit a different version than the one fans are used to, also honors the franchise’s roots.

Additionally, the presence of the T-virus and the potential of seeing familiar monsters like zombies, lickers, and tyrants could please hardcore fans of the games.

Will the Resident Evil Netflix Series Stay True to the Source Material?

This is a question that has been on the minds of fans since the series was announced. The Resident Evil franchise has a large and dedicated fan base, and any changes or deviations from the source material can be met with backlash.

However, it’s important to remember that adaptations are not meant to be exact replicas of their source material. They are meant to take inspiration and bring new ideas and interpretations to the story. From what we have seen so far, the series seems to be taking this approach, exploring new plots and characters while still respecting the core elements of the franchise.

In the end, only time will tell if the series stays true to the source material. But, as with any adaptation, it’s best to appreciate the series for what it brings to the table rather than expecting it to be an exact replica of the video games.

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Release Date and Other Details for the Resident Evil Netflix Series

The Resident Evil series on Netflix is currently in production, with filming set to start in June 2021 in South Africa. As of now, there is no official release date for the series. However, given the timelines for other Netflix productions, it’s safe to assume that the series will premiere sometime in 2022.

Fans can also expect eight one-hour episodes in the first season, making it longer than most Netflix series, which usually have ten episodes per season. This could indicate that the creators have a lot of story to tell and are confident in delivering a high-quality season to kick off the series.

Fan Reactions to the Announcement of a Resident Evil Netflix Series

When the news of a Resident Evil series on Netflix broke, reactions were mixed among fans. While some were excited about the prospect of a live-action adaptation of the beloved franchise, others were skeptical, citing the past failures of other adaptations.

However, majority of fans seemed cautiously optimistic, with many expressing their hopes that the series would stay true to the source material and bring something new to the table. There were also concerns about the lack of familiar characters from the games and whether the inclusion of original characters would hinder the overall quality of the series.

Overall, fans seem to be eagerly anticipating the release of the series and are hoping for a successful adaptation that does justice to the Resident Evil franchise.

What’s Next for the Resident Evil Franchise on Netflix?

With the Resident Evil series still in production, it’s too soon to tell what the future holds for the franchise on Netflix. However, if the series proves to be a success, there is a lot of potential for the story to continue beyond the first season.

There is also the possibility of spin-offs or other projects based on the franchise, much like how The Witcher has spawned an animated series and a prequel is currently in development. Fans can only hope that the series will live up to its potential and open up doors for more exciting content in the world of Resident Evil.


The announcement of a Resident Evil series on Netflix has generated a lot of buzz among fans of the franchise. With an impressive cast, talented creators, and hints at an intriguing plot, expectations are high for this upcoming adaptation. While there are concerns about the series deviating from the source material, it’s important to remember that adaptations are meant to take inspiration and bring new ideas to the story.

Only time will tell if the Resident Evil series on Netflix will be a hit, but one thing is for sure: fans are eagerly awaiting its release and are excited to see the world of Resident Evil brought to life in a whole new way.

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