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The Impact of Early Morning Rain by Elvis Presley on Music History

Early morning rain Elvis Presley , From the soothing sound of raindrops hitting the window to the peaceful atmosphere it creates, rainy days have always had a special place in our hearts. And for legendary musician Elvis Presley, these early morning hours filled with the sound of pouring rain were moments of pure inspiration. In this blog post, we will delve into the impact of early morning rain by Elvis Presley on music history.

The Early Life of Elvis Presley

To understand the significance of early morning rain in Elvis Presley’s music, we must first take a look at his early life. Born on January 8, 1935, in Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis Presley was exposed to music from a very young age. He grew up listening to gospel songs and was greatly influenced by African-American music and culture. It wasn’t long before he picked up a guitar and started singing along to the tunes his family played on their radio.

The Impact of Early Morning Rain by Elvis Presley on Music History

At the age of 10, Elvis received his first guitar as a birthday present from his mother. This gift sparked his passion for music, and he spent all his free time practicing and perfecting his craft. By the time he turned 18, Elvis had recorded his first demo at Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee, which would later become the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll.

Morning Routines of Famous Musicians

Many legendary musicians have claimed that the early morning hours are the most productive and creative for songwriting and composing music. From Beethoven and Mozart to Bob Dylan and Paul McCartney, there seems to be some truth to the idea that mornings are the best time for musical inspiration.

Beethoven, one of the greatest composers of all time, was known to wake up at dawn and spend hours composing music before starting his day. Similarly, Bob Dylan is known to start his mornings with a cup of coffee and his guitar, spending hours writing lyrics and composing songs.

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The Impact of Early Morning Rain by Elvis Presley on Music History

But what is it about the early morning hours that make them so conducive to creativity? Some psychologists suggest that this time of day allows for more focused and uninterrupted thinking, leading to increased productivity and inspiration.

The Impact of Rain on Music and Creativity

For centuries, rain has been a recurring theme in music, literature, and art. From classical music to pop and rock, rain has been a source of inspiration for musicians all over the world. But what is it about rain that makes it such a powerful muse for creativity?

Studies have shown that the sound of rain can have a calming effect on our brains, reducing stress and anxiety and helping us focus. This relaxed state of mind can be beneficial for creativity as it allows our minds to wander and come up with new ideas.

Moreover, the sound of rain also creates a certain ambiance that can evoke different emotions, depending on the listener’s interpretation. It can be melancholic, peaceful, or even mysterious, making it a versatile source of inspiration for musicians.

The Impact of Early Morning Rain by Elvis Presley on Music History

Elvis Presley’s Love for Rainy Days

Growing up in Mississippi, Elvis Presley was no stranger to the sound of rain. He often talked about how much he loved listening to the raindrops hitting the tin roof of his family’s home. In an interview with “Good Housekeeping” magazine in 1956, Elvis shared his fondness for rainy days, saying, “I love a rainy night. I love to lie in bed and listen to the rain.”

His love for rainy days continued throughout his career, evident in many of his songs, including “Kentucky Rain,” “Blue Hawaii,” and “Early Morning Rain.” These songs not only showcase Elvis’ vocal abilities but also his ability to capture the mood and emotion of rain in his music.

Exploring the Connection Between Weather and Music

The impact of weather on our moods and emotions has been well-documented. Different weather conditions can evoke a wide range of emotions, from happiness and nostalgia to melancholy and sadness. And it seems that this connection between weather and emotions also extends to music.

A study conducted by researchers at the University of Innsbruck in Austria found that songs with minor tones were more likely to be played on rainy days, while sunny days were associated with major tones. This suggests that our mood and the weather may have an impact on the type of music we listen to and enjoy.

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The Impact of Early Morning Rain by Elvis Presley on Music History

The Significance of Early Morning Hours in Songwriting

As mentioned earlier, many musicians have claimed that the early morning hours are the most productive time for songwriting. In addition to providing a calm and focused state of mind, these hours also offer a sense of solitude and quietness that can be hard to find during the day.

For Elvis Presley, the early hours of the morning were a time when he could escape from the chaos of his busy life and focus solely on his music. It was a time where he could let his thoughts and emotions flow freely without any distractions, resulting in some of his most iconic songs.

How Elvis Presley’s Music Was Influenced by Rain

Elvis Presley’s love for rain is evident in many of his songs, but perhaps one of the most notable examples is “Kentucky Rain.” Released in 1970, this song tells the story of a man desperately searching for his lost love in a stormy Kentucky night.

The sound of rain is woven into the song’s melody, creating a somber and melancholic atmosphere that perfectly captures the emotions of the lyrics. With lines like “Seven lonely days and a dozen towns ago, I reached out one night and you were gone,” the song showcases Elvis’ ability to use rain as a metaphor for heartache and longing.

The Role of Rain in Elvis Presley’s Iconic Songs

Apart from “Kentucky Rain,” Elvis Presley has incorporated rain into many of his iconic songs, each with its own unique interpretation. In the song “Blue Hawaii,” rain is used to describe the longing and sadness felt by those who live far away from their loved ones.

The Impact of Early Morning Rain by Elvis Presley on Music History

In “Early Morning Rain,” Elvis sings about a man who takes an early morning flight to escape his troubles and find peace in a new city. The imagery of the pouring rain and the sound of airplanes taking off adds depth to the lyrics and brings the listener closer to the emotions portrayed in the song.

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Early Morning Rituals of Legendary Musicians

As mentioned earlier, many musicians have embraced the early morning hours as a time for creativity and productivity. But what do these legendary musicians do during these hours? Let’s take a look at the early morning routines of some famous artists.

  • Beethoven: Woke up at dawn and spent hours composing music.
  • Bob Dylan: Starts his day with a cup of coffee and writes lyrics and composes music.
  • Freddie Mercury: Wakes up early to exercise before starting his day.
  • Paul McCartney: Meditates for 20 minutes and spends the rest of the morning writing music.
  • Bruce Springsteen: Starts his day with a 10-mile run followed by a workout session.

These are just a few examples of artists who embrace the early morning hours and use it to fuel their creativity and passion for music.

The Inspiration Behind Elvis Presley’s Early Morning Rain

It is no surprise that rain played such a significant role in Elvis Presley’s life and music. From his early days in Mississippi to his rise to fame, the sound of rain was a constant source of comfort and inspiration for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Whether it was listening to the raindrops hitting the tin roof of his childhood home or incorporating the sound of rain into his music, Elvis Presley’s love for the early morning rain is an essential part of his legacy. It not only showcases his musical genius but also highlights the impact of weather on our emotions and creativity.

The Impact of Early Morning Rain by Elvis Presley on Music History


In conclusion, early morning rain by Elvis Presley has had a profound impact on music history. From his love for rainy days to the role of rain in his iconic songs, it is evident that this weather phenomenon played a significant role in shaping his music.

Moreover, the connection between weather and creativity is a fascinating topic that continues to be explored by musicians and researchers alike. The early morning hours may just be the key to unlocking our full potential and creating something truly remarkable, just like Elvis Presley did with his music. So next time you wake up to the sound of early morning rain, don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate its beauty and perhaps let it inspire your own creativity.

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